Terms & Conditions

By landing on Code Creators’ website and getting into a project with us by confirming your order via email, phone call, meeting or chat, you acknowledge and agree to the following mentioned Code Creators’ Terms and Conditions.

Quotations & Estimates

  • All the estimates and quotation provided by Code Creators are valid only for 30 days from the issuance date. Quotes need to be reissued and subjected to change if not accepted within the defined period.
  • Quotation provided by CCI needs to be accepted through provided Quotation Acceptance form that must be returned to CCI within 30 days.
  • All the prices quoted by CCI are excluded of Service and Good Tax.
  • All the estimates provided to clients by CCI serves as a guide to project's projected cost, and it is not an indication to the final cost that will be needed to develop the application or software completely.
  • CCI reserves the right to cancel or suspend quotation/services at any time, without any prior notice.

Intellectual Property

  • Quotation provided by CCI does not include any source code license unless specified.
  • All the source codes and other related intellectual property associated to the said source code, designed and developed by CCI, will solely remain the CCI’s property, except where the specific licensed code is issued to the client.
  • CCI reserves all the right to implement any licensing feature, except where the specific licensed code is issued to the client.
  • Any reverse engineering, manipulation or alteration of any kind made to the code developed by CCI for a specified quoted application, will be considered the breach of copyright and trademark law. And, if the violation is confirmed, penalties will be imposed under pertinent law.
  • Any cost incurred by CCI for getting a third-party license needed to complete the agreed quotation will be the client's responsibility and will be borne by the client entirely.


  • If the client wishes to cancel the quotation, he will be bound to pay CCI the cancellation fee against the invoice. The cancellation fee is made up of the costs that incur for the work done until the date of cancellation. The cancellationn fee will be charged as a percentage of the total work done. For instance, if 25% of the total work is done, the client will be obligated to pay 25% of the total estimated cost.
  • The minimum fee charged for cancellation will be 30% of the total amount signed, even if the cancellation if made the very next day.


  • Clients are required to make sure that the software/application content being quoted completely adhered to the publication legislation of the respective country.
  • The clients shall also underwrite CCI in respect of any costs, expenses, and claims that may emerge from any additional request made by the client.
  • CCI reserves the right to not to use the material provided by the clients within the quotation if found offensive or inappropriate.
  • The client is responsible for providing the content in the required/desired formatted form in all cases. If the client is unable to format the content, CCI can provide the services at its current hourly work rate.

Copyrights & Permission

  • The client needs to obtain all the necessary authorities and permissions concerning the use of any logos, trademarks, names, graphics, copy, or any other material that is provided to CCI by the clients.
  • CCI is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred by the client from using the material, for which CCI has not permitted or authorized.
  • Supplying the said material to CCI by the client will be considered as a guarantee by the client that all necessary authorities and permission have been obtained and sought by the client.

Liabilities & Errors

  • CCI is liable to make sure that the software solutions and apps provided are 100% bug-free.
  • CCI will be responsible for rectifying all the errors that are made by CCI's staff while undertaking the quoted application.
  • CCI is not liable to any losses or damage that may result from the error within the software/application.
  • CCI is not responsible for any additional cost, damage, loss, or errors that are related to the third-party product that CCI may need during the completion of the quoted application.

Project Completion & Timeframes

  • All the timeframes provided by CCI are purely estimated. Since the nature of software development is intrinsic, it does not allow us to give a very definite timeline.
  • CCI intends and endeavors best to complete all the work within given timeframes as agreed with the client in the quotation. However, CCI will not be liable to nay monies, penalties, and hardships experienced by the clients if the product delivery delays for some reasons.
  • Service application quoted to the client remains property of CCI until all the obligations and payment have been made for the release of the said application.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

  • CCI is authorized to revise, amend, update or modify its terms and condition without any prior notice.
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