SharePoint to Collaborate with A Remote Project Team


As communities continue to contain Coronavirus, remote working is rapidly becoming the widely accepted reality and the need of the hour; especially for the project teams and companies.

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A recent telecommunication study reveals that nearly 15 million people are currently remotely working during this Covid-19 crisis, which makes up around 10% of the total U.S population. The report also asserted that 60% of the workforce already have the access and willingness to adapt remote work options, while the rest 40% is still struggling.

Similar is the case for project team and managers. For some of the project team and managers working remotely is a norm, whereas, for others remote working is new and challenging. Project teams and managers are desperately figuring out methods that work best in helping member connected and productive without distracting each other.

Collaboration frameworks like Microsoft SharePoint and Teams are coming into play as one of the most effective means currently available in the modern digital world.

Being a boutique collaboration software Microsoft SharePoint Online is highly effective in managing remote project teams. It allows information to be shared through an online or intranet-based environment for virtual teamwork. It offers greater efficiency in managing document and version libraries, current projects, editing reports, discussions, calendar sharing, knowledge base research, workflow and tasks. It incorporates a variety of real-time communication tools, including web conferencing, email, and instant messaging.

Managing remote project teams is delicate and it comes with its own set of kinks and curls, but it becomes very much manageable if you have smart collaboration tools like Microsoft SharePoint at your service. So learn about using ‘SharePoint to Collaborate with A Remote Project Team’. now, and sustain your employees’ productivity and project engagement.

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