Microsoft SharePoint Intranet

Improve information flow at your workplace and enhance collaboration levels, while enabling flexible remote working and team engagement – all with Microsoft SharePoint Intranet.

SharePoint Intranet Services

SharePoint Intranet Services help improves information flow throughout your enterprise and better facilitate collaboration while improving business efficiency. Being a market leader and expert in SharePoint, Code Creators Inc can help you planning, developing and deploying the SharePoint intranet at your business facility. Our SharePoint Intranet Services include;

  • Automating and streamlining business processes.
  • Reducing risks related to data loss and security.
  • Providing a centralized local for data storage along with improving overall management.
  • Reducing cost of IT support.

Simplified SharePoint Intranet Development Process


CCI’s SharePoint experts and consultants run a detailed need analysis for your enterprise so that every need can be met precisely and that all your SharePoint intranet’s specifications are satisfied while considering different requirements of your teams and budget in mind.


Our experts configure SharePoint to fulfill your specification by using in-built functionality to create an intranet that is stable and also simple with minimal future requirements.

Training & Launch

Through extensive testing during the development phase, CCI delivers an intranet solution that is easy and simple to be managed and run by your in-house IT team. We also provide a complete set of documentation and a training manuals if needed.

Ongoing Support

CCI’s support team is available 24/7for your assistance and to provide software patches and fixes when needed, in order to ensure the security and stability of your intranet solutions.

What Features of SharePoint Intranet Do You Get?

Code Creators Inc. provides your system with the extensions that help you getting a wide range of features through your SharePoint Intranet which include;

Custom-made team and company feed.

  • Centralized and integrated document libraries for admin and training material.
  • Complete integration with enterprise’s HR systems.
  • Full integration with enterprise’s productivity software.
  • Complete integration with time management and accounts software.

CCI’s SharePoint Intranet development approach takes all your present needs into consideration, while also not forgetting the needs that may evolve in near future. As a result, we design and deliver you an all-inclusive platform that can be easily adjusted in the future for adding new features according to business growth.

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What Benefits Does Our SharePoint Intranet Services Offer You?

SharePoint Intranet solutions designed by Code Creators Inc. are capable of transforming information flow throughout your organization while making them more efficient. Some other benefits of SharePoint Intranet include the following;

  • Simplification:
  • Reduced Number of Emails & Meetings: Because all the important and necessary information will be accessible by all the employees and will be readily available throughout the organization.
  • Improved Skill Development: Better knowledge sharing results in improved skill development too.

With centralized information, your SharePoint ensures that your staff always have instant access to updated documents, which actually help them work more effectively from both on-site and remote locations from anywhere in the globe.


Why You Should Start Your SharePoint Intranet Project With Us

Working with Code Creators Inc. for developing your SharePoint Intranet platform can help you access the best SharePoint experts from all across the world;

  • We have 10+ years of experience in hand for developing and managing all types and versions of SharePoint.
  • We have a dedicated team of Microsoft Certified SharePoint Experts.
  • We only implement the proven methodology for process development and testing.
  • We are Microsoft Trusted Partner providing premium, reliable services to diverse clients all across the world.
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