You’ve made your decision to switch to a cloud-based office suite: well done! You are good to go towards the digital transformation of your workplace.

Microsoft Office 365 Verses Google Suite at a Glance

First off, let us take on the similarities between the two. It is essential to know that both Google and Office 365 offer comparable subscription services, including:

  1. Business email services linked to a custom domain
  2. Shared calendar
  3. Online storage
  4. Collaboration-enabled space
  5. Huge storage space for personal use or every account
  6. Messaging tools
  7. Video conferencing tools
  8. Apps for online meetings or conferences
  9. Spreadsheet apps
  10. Presentation apps
  11. Apps for document creation and collaboration
  12. Management interface
  13. Security features with two-factor authentication
  14. Storage on the cloud


These two companies have been the top names on the market, especially in the technology industry of enterprise productivity.

Despite the similarities, Google Suite is not the same as Office 365 or vice versa. They have their methodology, mainly in terms of the design of their apps. Also, their cloud structural appears different. However, they have robust data centers managing their cloud services, making them consistent software applications for businesses all over the globe.

Many businesses have now shifted towards cloud-based productivity tools and office suites. Others are in the phase of considering whether they would go for Google Suite else choose Microsoft’s Office 365.

More adaptability & safety is something that both options offer Google’s G Suite and  Microsoft’s Office 365, but what are the motives to choose one or the other? We’ll point out some features during this webinar, by focusing on Google G Suite.

Watch our recorded webinar so you can learn from professionals what are difference between Google Suite and Office 365 and how to pick the correct office suite for your business.



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