Microsoft SharePoint 2019


SharePoint 2019 is a very good tool for companies that want to better manage their files and content. There are many new features added here, and they all add up to make the experience better and more rewarding for the old users.

You will find 3 main themes in SharePoint 2019. The user experience is now developed through SharePoint Online, that’s one of the crucial aspects in this new process. Also, the content engagement is amazing because you have better focus and value sent across all devices and platforms too. Lastly, SharePoint 2019 is also all about bringing in compliance capabilities as well as improved scaling opportunities. All of these are adding up a new layer of completely and extraordinary new features to the table.

What new SharePoint 2019 features are there?

  • First, you have the SharePoint 2019 homepage, where you can find all the SharePoint sites in your organization. You can also see news from the sites that you follow and you can create sites from the homepage if you are allowed to do so by the admin.
  • Moreover, Microsoft SharePoint 2019 also has lists and libraries previews. This is very good since you can easily move documents a lot easier, you can pin stuff, include filters and format a lot easier. All these things add up to make the process faster, better and more convenient in a fun manner.
  • In SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Server 2019 you can also find new team and site pages. These allow you to easily share news, broadcast messages and even share stories if you want to. The idea is to bring in more attention to the content, and that will certainly pay off very well.
  • There are also new pages that are created with the use of web parts that you can customize as you see fit. One of the nicest SharePoint 2019 features is that you can add site activities, images, embed videos and even integrate Yammer feeds if you want.
  • Moreover, SharePoint 2019 does a really good job at offering you a great search experience since you can see results as you type. The search experience is thus more interesting, exciting and compelling at the same time.


Thanks to these new SharePoint 2019 features you can easily improve the experience and just enjoy it in ways you would not imagine. It really is among some of the best and most important benefits that you can find out there, and you will be very impressed with the way everything pays off. Don’t hesitate and upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2019 if possible, as these new features do enhance your productivity and make things a whole lot better!

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