Get Tailored Automated Workflows For Your Business Apps

    • Do you need an app developer to create workflows?
    • Are you having troubles with notifications not showing up, wondering what’s wrong?
    • Unable to send reminders automatically for delayed or past due tasks?

    Microsoft Flow that has been rebranded as Power Automate is the top cloud-based workflow engine known to the modern digital world. Its unique and high-tech RPA features make any of your processes automated, allowing your employees to move forward in a seamless manner.

    Power Automate can be connected to more than 300 data sources and with any publically available APIs such as Power BI, SharePoint, MS Teams, and Dynamics 365. All you need to do is to imagine a day where you can do all your tasks on your tablet or laptop in a fully automated manager.

    Hundreds of our clients discovered that and now they are astonished by the efficiency levels that they have achieved. If you also want this, then just a moment out of your busy schedule and take our free Power Automate Consultation with one of Code Creators Inc. Consultation Team Members.

    What Are The Different Flow Types Offered by Power Automate?

    Creating Flows using the pre-designed templates from the Power Automate Gallery is quick and easy. Every template available is designed to serve a certain purpose. However, you can always choose the flow types that you think will do the best for your business needs.

    • Business Process Flows – Ideal for automating predefined processes that you want your employees to follow.
    • Desktop Flows – Ideal for automating tasks on the web or desktop.
    • Cloud Flows – Ideal for automating triggered, instant, or scheduled tasks.

    Once you have chosen your desired flow, you need to choose a trigger or event for the flow to begin. Once established, the defined trigger will signal your flow to perform the defined task in an automated way. To get started using Microsoft Power Automate, schedule a free consultation and advice meeting with our professional consultant now. Click here to connect.

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    Quick & Easy Integration With Microsoft Services

    Power Automate integrates really well with other Microsoft services, apps, and connectors. API Privy also allows your MS Power Automate flows to use other services offered by Microsoft such as Azure, PowerApps, etc. Some of the common examples of power connectors include the following;

    • SQL Server
    • Twitter
    • Box
    • Salesforce
    • DocuSign
    • Slack
    • Google Drive
    • Skype

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