Why Is It Expensive to Get an App? And How Development Costs of an App Can Be Reduced?


Why Is It Expensive to Get an App?

If your company needs new software, you can contact a freelancer or software development company. You can ask them for a quote to get an estimate of the cost of developing an app. The most common reason why a company or an individual drops the idea of ​​developing the software is the price they have to spend their budget on. The cost of developing software is based on so many factors. To analyze the cost, it is very important to understand the factors that affect the development process. App development costs include both time and effort to build the app.

Factors That Affect the Cost of the Software Development Process

  • The more screens a mobile app has, the more effort and time it takes to create the app and the higher the costs.
  • The design of the mobile app is very important for the success of software. To create great software with custom fonts and symbols, a professional designer is required. The complexity of software consists of payment systems, third-party integrations and the redesign of the app. If an app is very complex, the development costs increase at the same time.
  • The cost of the app also depends on the number of features and functions of an app. More is the number of functions; The chances of high costs will be more. You can add important functions at the beginning and add other functions later.
  • The other factor that causes the high costs are the modern technologies such as AR-based software, integrated AI, speech recognition, etc.
  • There are many third-party services that are built into the software and can increase software costs.


To minimize the cost of developing software, the development process should be carefully followed and then implemented. You can pay them based on the hours it takes to build the app. Perform a comprehensive analysis to determine the detailed requirements. You can use open source resources to minimize the effective cost. We want to develop software that is pocket-friendly and also easily accessible. Let us know if we should help with the development process.

How Development Costs of an App Can Be Reduced?

With people’s commitment to smartphones for more than half the day, the app development industry is growing faster. Companies are spending more and more to expand their reach with mobile applications. Everyone knows that investing in mobile app development is an easy and best way to make more money, but sometimes the development process is quite expensive. This is because the resources were not properly planned, the strategy was not correct, and the techniques were not implemented properly. It is important not to compromise the quality of your app by reducing costs. Reducing app costs doesn’t mean lowering the quality of the design, but lowering the design quality means destroying the product.

Here are some strategies you can use to reduce the cost of developing a mobile app.

  • Identify The Goal of the App: Before continuing to develop the app, try to find out why you actually need an app. What would be the goals of your app? Find out how the app can help your business grow sales. Make the goals clear and create an area for your mobile app.
  • Get Important Features First: The initial cost of developing mobile apps can be reduced by first noting all the features you want to include in your app at the first level. Then try going through the functions, recognizing the most important and basic functions that really need to be included in the app. Eliminate the functions that are not needed at this level, such as push notifications or SMS notifications. You can avoid additional costs by following this step.
  • Identify and Create Your Budget: Big business is one that performs and does good with minimal investment. When talking about the price and budget of your app, you need to consider the features and quality that a mobile app development agency offers in a minimal amount of time. You need to plan your budget before you can identify the right company.
  • Choose Fee & Open Source Platforms: When developing a mobile app, try to do so with the open source platforms that you can access for free. To reduce the development costs of your app, choose either cross-platform or open source platforms, which can provide excellent support in lowering prices.
  • Avoid Using Many Graphics in The Design: Avoid using additional graphics in your app and only adopt the necessary elements such as navigation, buttons and menu bars. Don’t make your app too clumsy and overloaded with too many custom processes.
  • Maintenance of The App: The work of an app development agency is not completed immediately after the app is started. You will surely need to remove bugs, problems, update the app design and features. So get in touch with a mobile app development company that can help you develop your app so you don’t have to spend extra money on it.


The better and deeper you know about your mobile application, the easier it will be for you to create a lower offer for your project. If you have a clear picture of your mobile app project in mind, it will be easier for you to continue your project at a low price.

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