ERP Development Services


Manage your business with ease with our tailored ERP solutions, designed to automate your business processes to ensure optimal productivity & enduring profitability.

Hire Our Enterprise Resource Planning & Development Team

Whether you are an established business or a budding one, you probably look for a convenient ERP system to automate your everyday business operation.

At Code Creators Inc. we have a highly-skilled, qualified, experienced, and professional team of ERP Professionals that can facilitate you in creating tailored ERP modules to manage your workflows, manufacturing process, financial flows, accounting, and workforce matters. We are specialized in providing high-end software solutions to ensure impeccable business performance with advanced control and tracking of your business processes, resources, and projects.

Our ERP Service Range

Code Creators Inc. is specialized and highly experienced in creating tailored ERP modules and new ERP systems from the scratch, and with ERP integration with your existing services. We offer a wide range of ERP services to satiate your business need.

  • ERP Consultation Services
    Our experts conduct a thorough business environment analysis to find out the incompatibilities of your system, in order to devise strategies to migrate and integrate critical ERP software.
  • Customer ERP Module & System Development
    We offer a wide range of enterprise level-scalable ERP Systems for complete automation of your critical business process to provide you with key data insights across mobile, on-premise, and web-based platforms.
  • ERP App Development
    We built feature-enriched mobile and web-based applications by using the latest technologies such as .NET, Java, Python, etc. to keep your business well-connected.
  • ERP Implementation
    Configure and deploy your tailored servers, networks, data management, and security solutions enterprise-wide without compromising your data integrity.
  • ERP Migration
    Migrate to ERP from your conventional legacy system with complete data security. Integrate your raw data silos, modernize your data structure, and integrate them seamlessly with our ERP migration services.
  • ERP Extension & Plug-In Development
    We develop, design, deploy and integrate custom plug-ins and extensions to help your ERP solution connect with supplementary modules, features, and functionalities.

Customizable & Fully Integrated ERP System Modules

To make you get the most out of the ERP system, we have arranged ERP System modules and submodules. This way, you can choose from our ERP development services more conveniently.

ERP Main Modules
  • Financial Module.
  • Project Management Module.
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management Module.
  • Sales & Distribution Module.
  • Human Resource Management Module.
ERP Sub-Modules
  • Manufacturing Module.
  • Supply Chain Management Module.
  • Reporting Module.
  • Projects Dashboards.
  • Time Tracking System.
  • Workload Management Tools.
  • Customers and Orders Management Tools.
  • Calendar Module.

What Benefits Do You Get With A Customized ERP Software

Business Process Automation

ERP significantly contributes to increasing the overall efficiency of your company and helps in removing manual operations, streamlining the business processes, and in quick data collection within the company.

Comprehensive Reporting

ERP reporting services allow every single user of the system to generate personalized reports with complete ease. This allows you to access and analyze information at a faster pace, and make insightful decisions quickly.

Centralized Data Storage

ERP allows aggregating all your data at a centralized location and helps you keep it up-to-date and consistent.

Enhanced Security

For large organizations, data security is very crucial. ERP helps you get different access rights that can be used for different types of users. This enhances data consistency and accuracy and eliminates data threats.

Regulatory Compliance

ERP helps business organizations to better abide by laws and regulations because the system can be tailored to built-in compliance.

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