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Flexibility of Angular JS

An open-source framework such as Angular JS comes with its own set of benefits that you as an organization can benefit from. Angular JS is used globally by organizational giants to create web apps based on HTML due to the flexibility it offers. This flexibility gives you the option to extend the syntax of HTML to emphasize certain aspects of your application more. Angular JS offers you such dependency injection and data binding capabilities that eliminates a lot of repetitive code that our developers will otherwise have to no choice but to write. All of this is possible within the browser itself, which makes it your ideal partner for any server technology.

AngularJS: The Hybrid Future

AngularJS was the supposed to be the oath that HTML should have been on by this point. However, since AngularJS was specially designed for applications, it couldn’t align itself with HTML independently. HTML is mainly utilized in creating static documents, but it doesn’t do much when it comes to designing and creating dynamic applications. As a result of mixing the two, we get web applications which essentially trick the users by making a browser mimic an app. The gap between a dynamic application and static documents is often bridged by the following solutions with the help of our expert AngularJS development team:


A library holds within itself a collection of tools and functions that prove to be useful when our developers are writing code for your web apps. This code comes into charge and calls into the library when it is necessary. An example of this would be JQuery.


This is a type of implementations of the web app where the code is what fills in the missing details. Thai framework comes into charge and works the code when something specific is needed by the web app itself. An example of this would be Durandal and ember.

We Provide You Completely Unique Client-Side Solutions


Unlike other tools in the market, AngularJS doesn’t just act like a missing piece in the puzzle that is your overall web application. AngularJS handles the DOM along with the AJAX glue code written by hand that is then put together in a unique, well-defined structure. This, in turn, makes your AngularJS app opinionated regarding a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application should be created. Its opinions do not change anything for your application as it gives its developers the option to change the starting point easily.

Here are a few services you get with our AngularJS development services:

  • Tools to build a CRUD app such as data binding, basic templates, form validation, deep-linking, routing, dependency injection, and reusable components
  • Unit testing, mock versions, test harnessing, and end-to-end testing
  • Seed application
  • Directory layout and test scripts for starting points

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Code Creators’ AngularJS Development Services

Our AngularJS application development process is highly-simplified and transparent in front of all our clients. Our services are flexible, which in turn makes our web apps flexible and customizable too. However, we would like our clients to know that AngularJS was created with CRUD applications in mind which represent a majority of web apps online. For you to come with a vision for your project, you must first understand what AngularJS is capable of doing for you.

GUI editors and games are only a few examples of how intensive and tricky DOM manipulation can be. These applications are not the right fit for AngularJS development, and you should refrain from attempting, as long as AngularJS is concerned. However, our consultants will be happy to confer with you and help you understand in detail how you can use AngularJS to your advantage. Give us a call now.